Saturday, January 24, 2009

Despite Minor Setbacks Renovation Continues in Earnest

Construction continues ahead of schedule. The room pictured here is almost complete! This is the table where it all happens -- the meetings -- the plans -- discussion beween library administration contractor, subcontractors, engineers, architects ... This week we had a few minor setbacks, a clogged sewer line, some new RFI's and change orders, and some vandalism to the exterior of the property. This is to be expected during renovations, and steps have been taken to ensure that this doesn't happen again. So far fortune is with us. We have hired professionals to deal with the problems, including a structural engineer who is coming up with a solution for a wall that we are removing. Work continues! Even this morning, the contractor was hard at work, and it's a Saturday. We measured for the service desk Friday, and installed a new metal bookdrop -- with a lock that had to be completed dissasembled and cleaned. It is working now, and people are able to return books to this 3rd box.

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